Abelardo López - Oaxaca, Mexico, 1957.

abelardo lopez miniThrough the trained eyes of Abelardo López, we learn that at a certain time of day the mountains of his native Oaxaca wax blue, like the subtle blues of his watery horizons. The agave plants take on infinite shades of green in these odes to the epic landscapes of south Yagul, with its corn stalks, now upright, now wilted, finally inviting us to lose ourselves in the endless horizon that the artist paints with a nostalgic mixture of love and pain. Abelardo spurs our imagination and in doing so forces us to see what lies beneath the surface, invisible to the naked eye. And that is the mark of the true artist.

López has exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Italy, and his work forms part of the collections of the Treasury Department (SHCP), the Mexican Language Academy, and the ABC medical center in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City. His paintings can also be seen at the Oaxaca State Government Art Gallery and the Oaxaca International Airport, the Rayo Roldadillo Museum in Colombia and the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America in Washington, D.C.

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