Contemporary Photography Collective

Colectiva foto 2015 mini

This collective art show belongs to the "Saúl Serrano" Art and Photography Center (CAFSS) that is one of the most professional schools that teach their students every aspect of photography making: starting with the definition of a pixel in digital photography, up to production for art exhibitions, photo contests, national and international photography and art events.

What CAFSS does is give a complete professional education that includes impeccable technique as well as the theory that gives the cultural and historical backup so the students learn the difference between taking pictures and becoming photo artists. The graduates from CAFSS understand the difference between mechanical and repetitive photography as well as what makes a good picture an art piece.

The main objective of CAFSS is the creation of original photography that will turn a digital print into a cultural asset that will stand the test of time thanks to the aesthetic value it contains and the author's perspective and creativity.

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