Guillermo Arreola

guillermo arreola mini

He is a self-taught artist. His work has been exhibited in different important spaces in Mexico such as Oscar Román Gallery, Casa del Lago, UAM Xochimilco’s Gallery and abroad in the Olympic Fine Arts, in London in 2012. He has participated in the 8th Painting and Printmaking Alfredo Zalce Biennale in 2011, The 5th Visual Arts National Biennale, also in 2011 and the Pedro Coronel’s Biennale in 2012.

Many of the most recognized Mexican critics such as Dr. Teresa del Conde, Germaine Gómez Haro, Raquel Tibol, & Avelina Lésper, among others, had write about his artistic production.

Arreola had illustrated different publications such as Nexos & El Poeta y su Trabajo, he also had appeared in the cover of literature books like La morada en el tiempo & Negro es su rostro.


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