Jorge Marín - Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico, 1963.

marin jorge 2018

Marín studied Graphic Design at the National School of Plastic Arts, UNAM, and Art Restoration and Curatorship at the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography, INAH-SEP. His group exhibits include: Bonito, colectivo de arte kitsch-mexicanísimo (2010) at the Finance Ministry Museum; Casa Lamm y sus artistas (Casa Lamm and its Artists, 2009) at the Casa Lamm gallery, and Presence of Mexico (2006) at The Castle gallery in New Rochelle, in the United States, while his solo shows include: Conversaciones (Conversations, 2009) at the Couturier Gallery and Las alas de la ciudad (The Wings of the City) at the Reforma Cultural Corridor in Mexico City. Jorge Marín, bronces, a book on the artist’s bronze sculptures, was presented by Professor Luis Martín Lozano and Dr. Teresa del Conde.



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