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Ala ventura mini destacado

De aquí a la Ventura (At a Venture)

Technique: Oil pastel on canvas
Size: 164.5 x 122 cm.
Year: 2011

a vilchis mini

Escarabajo 3 (Beetle 3)

Technique: Barro bruñido a baja temperatura 750°
Size: 8 x 23 x 15 cm.
Year: 2014

a vilchis mini

Casa en el agua (House on the water)

Technique: Mixed media on cotton paper scrim
Size: 124 x 104 cm.
Year: 2011

a vilchis mini

Madero Street

Technique:  Digital printing with K3 pigments on Epson professional paper 240gr.
Size:50 x 80 cm. (framed)
Year: 2008

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