Javier Cruz - Mexico City, 1952.

javier cruz mini

Javier Cruz is one of the contemporary Mexican artists better positioned and more recognized in Mexico and abroad. Is a complete plastic creator through its well charged paintings, sculptures, prints, art object, sets and murals, as done with a very measured and complicated technique.

Its production is part of neo-informalism as its material works present dreamlike evocations full of controversial feelings transmitted by rough layers with varying silica sands, coupled with an exquisite variety of colors with contrasting bright features themselves, for their great variety of blue, red, brown, yellow and green which together or individually create an expressive and gestural energy conceived through a widely studied technique resulting variants atmospheres. 

With its exhibitions has been present in Mexico, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Cuba. His pieces are part of the collection of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art and National Print Museum in Mexico City. Abroad: Galerie und Verlang Swiss Cultural Institute in Puerto Rico, Latin Art Gallery and Osaka Foundation of Culture in Japan, Pasquale Col. Pascu, in Italy, Raquel Palacios Gallery in New York and William P. Bruder Architec, in Phoenix. Besides his notable works also belong to private collectors and a new generation.



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