Latidos de Luz (Heartbeats of light)


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Paola Celada's Ambrosia

And in the shadows
genies die unaware
of their magic
granted without asking for it
a long time before birth.
Duncan Dhu.

Every time I enter the world of artist Paola Celada, I find myself within a secret garden, a lost paradise, born from her past and previous lives. Her works have shown me that Paola doesn't speak of a present time; she deals with a faraway world that orbits in her thoughts and in her bloodstream. It is at that source that she connects with her innermost voice. That's how she paints and creates spiritual melodies, symbols of light.
- Mara Sepúlveda -

Infanta Margarita was ignorant, quirky, violent and selfish. She looked at herself for hours in a mirror and didn't even know how the world was. She ignored that poverty, sickness and filth reigned on the streets of Spain. She was the beautiful fiancé of king Leopold I. The dwarves, the maids of honor and the dog are her toys. She remains at the center, with her sight fixated on herself, in the mirror that Velázquez placed there to see her and to watch himself painting, the artist sharing the future queen's vanity.
- Avelina Lésper -

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