Xilografías (Woodcuts)

Tuesday December 13, 2011 - Wednesday June 6, 2012

Central Hall

Sergio Hernández has been living in his native Oaxaca since 1988, and has played an active role in the artistic and cultural movement that has recently gathered momentum in the region. One of the most outstanding artists of his generation, it is the sheer variety of techniques, mediums and subject matters he explores that characterizes his works, creating a mind-blowing mix of forms, textures and symbols.

In this exhibition, Xilografías, it is patent that the artist’s unchecked curiosity, love of experimentation and spirit of adventure are what have led him to travel down the multifarious paths that cross one another at different points on the grand map of his oeuvre. Such is the case of works like Typhoon, Thick Rain, Trip to the Seabed and Indigo Trade, all produced in 2011 using the woodcut technique.

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