Orígenes (Origins)

Wednesday December 5, 2012 - Wednesday February 15, 2013

 December 5, 2012 - February 15, 2013

Main Hall

Miguel Millo has built images like doing sculpture, volume and color. They are full members, both operated freely, which reveals a full expression of concerns, they reveal their own gods and monsters.

Origins makes me reconnect with the essence of man, with the intimate moment in which human nature converge in a deep dialogue with the entrails of the earth.

It is this creative freedom that I feel trapped as a spectator, I percieve the man of all time in rediscovering their environment as a complex entity, full of questions, able to build a world made of answers to their own needs-surge magic, reveals the eternity of our species, life flows reinvented with soil and seeds, paint and color.

Mysticism & depth, are revealed at the eyes of female bodies that look and witness our own existence.

Observing Millo's work is otherwise a joy to the eye, we see an impeccable job full of likes, light balance, perfect bodies and complex compositions with a strictly aesthetic, refering to color, wich flows from black of the Cyclorama to remind us that we as a species are fated for our eternal reinvention.

Jorge Marín
México, Noviembre 2012

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