Threads & Sequences

Opening: Wednesday, October 9, 2019. 

Elin Luque & Margarita Martínez, Galleries

Painted Strands
Germaine Gómez-Haro
This group of painting adroitly brings together the cultural synthesis of her Colombian heritage with powerful influences from Mexico where she has resided for many years. Some time ago I wrote that the art of Juanita Pérez may be viewed as a "life diary", one that entwines her personal history with universal stories linked together over time. Through her paintings, she continues to remind us that tradition, inextricably both past and present, is a perpetual and eternal continuum.
Juanita's work has become increasingly intricate, and her meticulous attention to technique is evident throughout. Her complex compositions reveal paintings within paintings, constructed with overlaid layers of paint, fragments of various materials that, much like a sophisticated collage, form a fine framework. The universality of indigenous textiles was the principal trigger for this series of paintings. Juanita honors the symbolic language of embroideries and brocades that speak, tell stories like an open book woven with the threads of life. For example, the "plot" of a huipil is an entire world of decipherable symbols. Parallels may be drawn with the highly stylized, repetitive geometric designs evident not only in the explosive colorful surfaces of her canvases, but also discernible in the powerful, monochromatic paintings, a bold and adventurous departure from those riots of colour.

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Latidos de Luz (Heartbeats of light)


Main Hall

Paola Celada's Ambrosia

And in the shadows
genies die unaware
of their magic
granted without asking for it
a long time before birth.
Duncan Dhu.

Every time I enter the world of artist Paola Celada, I find myself within a secret garden, a lost paradise, born from her past and previous lives. Her works have shown me that Paola doesn't speak of a present time; she deals with a faraway world that orbits in her thoughts and in her bloodstream. It is at that source that she connects with her innermost voice. That's how she paints and creates spiritual melodies, symbols of light.
- Mara Sepúlveda -

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